About Us 

Velvet&Ashe was founded and is currently owned & managed by three sisters in Greensboro, NC.  

A simple conversation is what started this business. A conversation between three women with various careers, duties, and family dynamics. 

"I wish there were two of me" 

"Ummm, I wish I had three" 

The frustration of creating lists and never having time to finish them, never having the time to clean like we want to. We complained about unfinished projects around the home, being late picking the children up from school because of an important work meeting, missing growth opportunities at work due to family obligations, not being able to find the proper care for aging parents, young children, and even the perfect party planner for our child's birthday parties.  

Imagine, how perfect it would be if you had a personal assistant who could handle daily and weekly tasks around the house, yard, shopping, etc? Someone who knew you like a best friend and understood your finances like a manager so you could trust to plan an event, hire dog walkers, help shop for gifts, and even organize your home. 

With Velvet&Ashe, you can have that and more. 

313 South Greene Street, Suite 205

Greensboro, NC  27401



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