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Lifestyle Management

Because sometimes you need to take your project manager home with you...

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Lifestyle Managers are task oriented personal project managers that take on daily tasks to help you organize and plan your personal life.  Not to be confused with personal assistants (our managers don't pick up dry cleaning or shop for you), but they pull from all the services we offer - project management, travel planning, organization, event management to provide a curated experience just for you.  If you need help in an area of a service that we do not offer in house we will work with our vetted and trusted partners to provide the service you need.


Your Lifestyle Manager will get started right away observing your schedule and habits or start that pending project to best help you day to day.  As the relationship grows you will start getting time back on your schedule to invest in yourself, your family and your life.

If you are interested please complete the form below to get started:

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