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A decision worth the wait: V&A Origin Story, part 1

The formation of our business was a culmination of milestone moments that happened over a series of years. When we finally took the leap it wasn't to get rich or build a mega-business - it was to create

a business that our employees loved working for, provide a service that helps people reach their goals, and structure our days so we didn't miss a beat with our families.

I, along with my two sisters, Krystina and Krislynn, worked in corporate America and rightfully had our own side businesses. Krystina was an interior designer and the "official" creative presence in the House of Patterson, Krislynn was the trained eye with a wealth of photography clients, and myself, Kristen, had a strong travel agency and was hell-bent on traveling the world with my family.

The Patterson Five

We all had big dreams, which is something our parents ingrained in us from childhood (no dream is too big if you put in the time and effort), but the traditional dream that we had worked our entire lives for was the very thing holding us back.There is something magical about being a sibling and something even more unique about a trio of sisters. There is a connection that bonds us and, more times than I care to admit, puts us on the same wave-length. Around 2017 we started speaking Velvet and Ashe into existence but before that point so much happened....

(To be continued!)

- Kristen Patterson

CEO & Owner

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