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5 Step Process

"We were 5 steps..." - Dru Hill

Whether you are interested in a specific specialist or have a complex project that requires a large team, our project-centric approach creates a streamlined experience with us.  Follow the steps below to find out more about our process.


Our process can't start until you are ready.

If you are not sure your project is actually a project contact us for a consultation.  We can help define your idea and get your project off the ground.

Prep work

Great!  Your consultation is complete and you know what your project entails. 

You are confident and ready to move what? 

Now it's time for us to define the scope, specialists needed, and confirm the budget.  It may sound a bit tedious but the bulk of the work is on us.  All you will have to do is give us a few days to conduct research and we will present your options. 

Most of the specialists we use are sourced from our in-house team of consultants and business partners.


Now we are really cooking with oil. 

The scope is defined, specialists are secure, and we have settled on a budget. 

Next, for us is the fun part - creation of the actual project plan.  Your creative project manager is giddy with excitement while taking time to create your digital project plan.  This is our favorite part and once you get access to it you'll see why.



We are breaking ground! 

Your process will start with a kick-off meeting  led by your project manager, providing details on project communication and next steps.  Your project manager will orchestrate the steps and work closely with the specialists assigned making sure each step is completed on time. 

The goal is to make this process as easy for you as possible and provide constant communication so you stay informed.

Reveal & Closure

We have taken you through all the steps, the specialists assigned to your project were absolutely phenomenal to work with and you feel like you have formed a second family, but now it is time to finish up and close the project. 

Our team is anxious to reveal the finished product and start the closure process. 

Don't worry, even after closing we will be available to answer any questions you may have. 

This is a bittersweet time.  The project you have been putting off is finally complete, you have met and befriended some incredible people to walk you through the process and now it is time to sit back and enjoy the fruits of all the labor put into the project.  

Are you ready to get started?  Tell us more about your project.

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