About Us 

Velvet&Ashe was founded in 2018 by three sisters in Greensboro, NC.  A simple conversation is what started this business. A conversation between three women with various careers, duties, and family dynamics. 

"I wish there were two of me..." 

"Ummm, I wish I had three of me..." 

The frustration of creating lists and never having time to finish them or never having the time to clean like we want to. We complained about unfinished projects around the home, being late to pick up the children, due to work meetings running late, missing growth opportunities at work due to family obligations.  

We imagined how perfect it would be to have a team that could get all those projects not only started, but seen through until the end.  Over time we developed our first service, Lifestyle Management.  This service was designed for individuals to  enrich the quality of life for the busy parent or the person that needed an extra set of hands to help manage the details. 

In 2020 COVID changed everything.  We had to pull our Lifestyle Managers in from the field and focus on servicing our virtual clients.  We took the downtime the pandemic offered and re-built our service to cater to small businesses.  Through the process we learned to see the silver lining, appreciate  small wins and learned the importance of never giving up.

We are glad to be here and thankful to have you with us.