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About Us 

A need to provide a solution for the working professional was the driving force behind the creation of Velvet & Ashe.  In 2018 Kristen, Krystina and Krislynn Patterson evaluated the idea of the need of time-saving services for the working professional and how the possibility of a single service could change the lives of so many women, parents, and people wanting to gain control over their lives


Over time their first service, Lifestyle Management, was developed.  This service was designed to enrich the quality of life for the busy parent or the person that needed an extra set of hands to help manage the details of their household or professional lives.  It took some time to cultivate, but eventually it took off - combining the best features of project management and personal assisting was the sweet spot.  Lifestyle Management delivered all the professionalism of a project manager with all the customization of a personal assistant.  

In 2020 everything changed.  Lifestyle Managers had to be pulled in from the field to focus on servicing virtual clients.  The pandemic gave rise to a new opportunity - catering to small businesses.  The owners tapped into their vast range of corporate experience and rebuilt the business offering project management services to small businesses and residential clients.

Today, our core service, Project Management, has expanded and can be paired with Business Process Improvement and Re-engineering.  With the world steadily re-covering Travel Planning & Consulting has been reopened and we will soon offer Residential Organization.

We are glad to be here and thankful to have you with us.  

Learn more about our team.

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