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Interior Design

"Imagine yourself living in a space that only contains things that spark joy." - Marie Kondo

We want you to thrive in a space that reflects you.

Transform your living spaces into a harmonious blend of style and functionality with our comprehensive interior design services. At Velvet & Ashe, we go beyond aesthetics, seamlessly integrating project management and home organization to bring your vision to life. Our experienced team collaborates with you every step of the way, ensuring a tailored approach that reflects your unique taste and lifestyle. From concept to completion, we manage every aspect of your project, optimizing space, maximizing efficiency, and creating environments that inspire. Elevate your living experience with Velvet & Ashe – where design meets practicality for a home that's as beautiful as it is functional.

We follow a simple six-step process to get your project done:

1.  Concept Development:

We will work with you to develop a design based on your input.

2.  Space planning: 

We will work together to determine the layout and arrangement of furniture, fixtures, and other elements within the space.

3.  Material and finishes selection: 

We will assist you in choosing appropriate materials, finishes, and textures for various surfaces in the space.

4.  Furniture and accessories selection:

Together we will select the furniture, lighting fixtures, window treatments and accessories that align with the deign.

5.  Procurement and installation:

After everything is finalized your items will be purchased, delivered and installed.

6.  Styling and detailing:

Before we finish up your design we will add the final finishing touches to balance the space.


Please schedule a consultation with us!

After we talk through the details we schedule an in-home consultation to do a general walk-through, take pics and answer any outstanding questions.

Visit our portfolio to view our work. 

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